Are you looking to enter the UK & Irish Grocery market places?

Have you a brand that you believe can add value and innovation to product category but lack the local sales, marketing and logistical expertise to make it work for you? Advanced Marketing covers the spectrum in the UK and Irish markets, including multiple retail, wholesale, Cash and Carry, Independents, Health chains and Pharmaceutical. We can provide you with a tailor made solution for your brand and help get it launched and working for you in these dynamic markets. With decades of experience, Advanced Marketing offers your brand the opportunity to enter these markets, compete successfully with others, and gain long term business. We are focused on delivering success and look forward to working in partnership with progressive and ambitious manufacturers.

Our Services

  • We can successfully bring your products to market by working in close partnership with you

  • We offer cost effective commercial, marketing and distribution solutions to any brand owner looking to enter the UK and Irish Grocery markets

  • We trade with all leading Retail chains and can integrate your brand easily into our network

  • We provide a friendly service with professional standards in all that we do.

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